Apply to Envision

We are looking for applicants with the following characteristics:

• You have at least one co-founder in school (undergrad or grad), you recently dropped out, or you recently graduated (1-4 years out of school)
• At least one cofounder who identifies as a woman, nonbinary individual, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+
• You're past the idea stage (you have a prototype or MVP, and have started to build out the team)
• You're committed to your venture and are passionate about growing – this is not a side project


Frequently Asked Questions

• Will teams have access to funding?

We will provide each team with non-dilutive grant funding for the duration of the program.

• When is the Cohort 5 application deadline?

The priority deadline for this application is December 27th, 2021, and applications close on January 10th, 2022.

Can people, teams and startups from anywhere in the world participate?

Anyone can apply, but be mindful that mentors and programming will function between EST / PST timezones, and there will be some mandatory sessions during this time.

Are Envision programs fully remote?

Yes, the whole program is 100% remote / online, as is the application and selection process.

• Can I apply by myself?

Solo founders are welcome!

• How does Envision handle Intellectual Property?

Your work belongs to you and you may license as you see fit.

• What kinds of things does the Envision community typically help teams with during the accelerator?

Whatever you need. Need help with pricing strategy? We'll find you an expert. Thinking about fundraising a pre-seed or seed? You can get real feedback from investors. Need help with marketing? We will find you the right mentor. We are deeply committed to your success and will do whatever it takes to get you to where you want to go.

• Who can I contact with more questions?

Reach out to