Mentor Network

Our mission at Envision is to support, empower and equip young diverse founders on their company-building journey. A powerful means by which we do this is via mentorship. Envision mentors are investors, operators, and other founders who are willing to offer their time to Envision companies in some shape or form. Some of our mentors include Jessica Li, Hannah Murdoch, Ali Partovi, and more.

Envision's Mentorship Model takes 3 forms:
1. Office Hours: mentors meet with Envision founders one-on-one and support them with tactical help in their company-building journey. Mentors cut out 1.5-2hrs of their time and meet with our cohort companies in 30-minute slots.
2. Ask-Me-Anything (AMA): mentors share insights and information by answering questions by Envision founders in a forum-style video call with an entire cohort.
3. Workshops: mentors lead a workshop on a subject area that they have expertise in. Topics for a given workshop might be fundraising, growth, finding product-market-fit, and more.

If you're interested in being a mentor for Envision in some capacity, join our mentor network below.

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